Language learning ONLINE

Our company provides customers with instruction in English ONLINE, which is conducted through Skype and e-mail. We offer convenient training schedule: it is tailored according to the personal requirements. You will be able to learn effectively and comfortably without leaving your home and wasting your time.
English language learning through Skype is as effective and interesting as traditional classroom training. However, online learning allows to obtain high-quality educational services in case you are not able to attend classes in the company’s premises.
All our training course can be taken online: the CAA endorsed courses for pilots, air traffic controllers, raters and examiners as well as other English language courses - for cabin crew, for airport ground services, for airline managers, for teachers of aviation English, for aviation engineers and technicians, etc.

The standard online course consists of three components: theoretical, practical and self-study. The theoretical component aims at theoretical knowledge acquisition, the practical component focuses on development of the relevant skills, which are consolidated during the self-study.

To take online course of Englishg you are provided with all training materials required for Skype sessions as well as for self-study. Online learning is supervised by our highly qualified teachers.