Test of English for Aviation Personnel (ICAO test, patent)


In accordance with the ICAO requirements (Doc. 9835) the Test of English for Aviation Personnel consists of two parts: Listening and Speaking.
• Listening Test is based on real life radiotelephony exchanges between pilots and controllers. The test is paper and pencil version. It consists of three sections, two of which include tasks to choose the correct answer from several options proposed. In the third section the test task is based on a recorded story describing an aviation event. The answers are chosen among three options - "True", "False", "Not Specified." The test recordings are heard once and the answers are put down simultaneously with listening to the recordings. There are total 30 questions proposed in the test.
• The Speaking test is conducted in the form of a one-on-one interview with a certified examiner. The interview is recorded by a digital device. The interview consists of three stages. On the first stage, the test taker is offered to answer a few common and job related questions.
On the second stage, the test taker is offered to complete two tasks – task A and task B - based on emergency or non-routine flight situations. Task A is aimed at description of an emergency situation, task B is completed through headphones and includes a short real life radiotelephony exchange to be further commented by the test taker. On the third stage, the test taker is offered to describe two pictures with aviation images. The images are not connected by the content and are described one by one.
During the Speaking Test the test taker is provided by cue cards and is allowed to make notes as a prompt for further speaking.
The total estimated time allowed for the test - 40 minutes, of which up to 18 minutes takes an oral interview and 22 minutes – Listening Test.
In accordance with the requirements of the ICAO (Doc. 9835, Chapter 6) the test focuses on assessment of ability to use the general English language in the aviation context. However, both parts of the test - Listening and Speaking – include tasks based on radiotelephony phraseology.
The test results are assessed against the ICAO LPR scale by at least two certified raters (Doc. 9835).